How does the list work in cloud DB

What would be the list associated with a tag in cloud db.

The error is shown there with me not knowing what to put for the list there, as I need to compare the input of a username and password to any value in the list of info. Also, would i be able to keep adding all the info there and keep comparing or would i have to have one tag per user?

This is a simple login and sign-up page for the app I'm working on btw

This FAQ covers CloudDb, and has links to the AI2 help and a Pizza Party sample.

By CloudDB lists, I am talking about the CloudDB blocks that mention lists, not about data values that might happen to be lists but get totally replaced tag by tag.

That said, I find using CloudDB lists hard to justify. They exist to avoid a race condition between two users trying to update a list simultaneously, for a very narrow purpose of acting as some kind of work queue, where work goes in one end and leaves the other end.

You can't update a CloudDb list in the middle, so unless you use them as a work queue you have to replace the entire list each update, a waste of bandwidth.

For a login/signup app I would store logins as dictionary values under tags made of the unique login names, and do total replacement of the appropriate dictionary value as each
password or other data is updated.

GetTaglist is not needed for this type of app, since you can test for login existence by asking for the particular login and inspecting what comes back when it arrives.

By the way, your blocks are missing the necessary events that catch the requested CloudDB data.
Read the tutorial (if you can make out the blocks, they need re-downloading and reposting.)

You haven't used the GotValue block. Try like this: