How do you view data by changing rules in firebase?

I have created these blocks for firebase security,

I have given a user with his password, if I put it correctly in the application it gives me "login" but it does not let me see the data and I get the error on the home page.

when I put the wrong password I get the error that I am not logged in, so I understand that it works well, what I do not understand is why I can not see the data I have in the database

can you help me ?

Are you using the firebase component ? (I have only ever seen that error when using it)


yes, firebase component,
I asked this question days ago

Are you trying to read data using the firebase component ?


and this is where you get the permission errors ?

Because you need to supply a userToken to be able to read the secure files.

Use the web component to do this.

the error appears when starting the app and does not disappear and does not show the firebase data.

Because you are using the Firebase component, and it is set to use a projectBucket that is secured by your rules.

I will look for information about projectBucket to be able to solve it

thanks :slight_smile:

sorry Timai2
this that you comment me has possible solution or on the contrary it does not have it and I would have to use another method that is not the firebase component of app inventor.
I say this not to be testing and looking for possible solutions if there is not :frowning:

It is all here: