How do you use tinydb and lists?

So I'm trying to make a basic app where you can enter a date, time and value, press a button to save that info in a list that you can view but I'm having some trouble figuring out how to place the blocks to make all that work. Can someone explain how I can make this work?

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So I gave it a try and it didn't do what I was after. So I tried to rewrite it to this.

The idea being to have the TinyDB data saved and displayed to the list picker but for some reason the textbox data doesn't save or display. Can you help me find why? I've left the buttons in just because I didn't want to lose the code and it's not really interfering.

No, these are not the blocks @Spicy_Topics showed you.
And by the way, TextBox.NumbersOnly only returns true/false of course.

Then you shouldnot send every value in separate col. Better combine all the three and show it in single value. So that next value will be saved orderly in next position