How do you use the proper way the notifier?

Basically what I am trying to do is this:
Image sprite reaches the edge > stops execution > shows a notifier for 2-3 seconds > then returns to the other part of execution.

Well, what does it do: it stops execution as it should, but after it returns it shows the notifier.
I want the notifier to be displayed while execution is stopped because I want to display something informative that resolves the information and then moves to the next level.

The reason I chose "show progress dialog" is the only one I found there that has the method "dismmisProgressDialog".

As far as I know, the "while test" method are used while these tests do this, as in this case show the notifier, and then after the 3 dismiss the notifier.

From the disabled block "StopExcution" I want that after the notifier disappear to be cut out.

I've tried working around the problem by removing the "if" or moving the position of the block (by setting the notfier higher), etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Do not use a Notifier control. Instead post your message to a Label or Screen.Title .
and use a Clock to control events.

The Clock Timer is used to avoid running this type of loop.

How would u suggest to change the loop so that.
The notifier shows up >> the app freezes >> the notifier disappear?

If you were to do that, how would you unfreeze the app ?