How do you use the "AnyImagesprite.collidedWith" commend?

Sup! I want to know how do I use the "AnyImagesprite.colidedWith" commend and they are some things I don't understend what they are stending for exsemple the "component" and "notAlreadyHandeld". What do they stand for and are they necsery and the answer for why I can't get it to work?

Would be greatful if anyone has an ansewr.
Thanks in advence.

It's a Generic event block, for use when you have a large number of similar sprites.

See this sample:

The isAlreadyHandled true/false value lets you deal with special Sprites that are to be handled differently from the rest, like a villain or hero.

More generic component samples:

Thanks you! It was very useful and I was able to fix the problem!

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