How do you use the anybutton block?

I cannot seem to teach myself how to move away from such inefficient programing as reflected in the image below.

I'm pretty sure I need the anybutton component for that, but cannot quite figure how how to use it, so that when a user clicks on the up-botton, then the value located within the same vertical arrangement is incremented by 1.

I have disabled all the blocks of my futile attempts, but left them there so you can see what I've tried.

This is what I want to replace with more efficient code:

This is the pgn for that screen:

And this is the app:
LearningLists_copy.aia (11.8 KB)

Any help is much appreciated!

Try this


LearningLists_copy _1.aia (12.2 KB)

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It works. Thank you so much!!!


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