How do you use open source translate api instead of google translate for translating in my app?

I am using Google Translate extension inside my app to translate the source text into the target language but I thought of using an open source translate API and I wonder how to add It Inside My App please help me and guide me through this process thank you in advance.

Can we add it as a extension inside my app just like devybtranslate Google Translate extension .....

Do you have a link to your open source translate API and the methods required for the API?

@TIMAI2 what you think create a separate Google App Script for Google Translate and then use in App Inventor, because If I don't miss then Google translate API is paid but we can use it free in Google App Script.

Easy enough to do, there is 5000 calls per day quota on translate though....

If there is some other open source api that supports many more languages, do share it.

Thanks in advance

( ) I don't know how to use it inside my app inventor project .... Do help me please

Thank you all

Thanks for sharing it
But ... There is not even a single api for translation .

A search in Google might help you (ignore the translating result).

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No useful result
But thanks


There is always Yandex which is built in to App Inventor ?

Yes but I don't think it is open source
Am I correct ?

Why is this important ? Open source means different things to different people...., it doesn't necessarily mean it is free to use, unless for libreTranslate you build it and use it on your own server. There is a quota of sorts with Yandex as well. What you use will depend on your application of a translator in your app. You have not detailed that yet.

I want my app to be fully open .
Nothing else