How do you use Firebase Realtime Database REST API?

How to read the following request and decode it.

curl -X PUT -d '{ "first": "Jack", "last": "Sparrow" }'

curl '[API_KEY]'
*-H 'Content-Type: application/json' *
--data-binary '{"token":"[CUSTOM_TOKEN]","returnSecureToken":true}'

And how to implement it in AI2 with the help of WEB COMPONENT. Specially how to set headers and post text requests of the above bolded lines. I know meaning of curl. It is the endpoint/url. what are these -character(-x, -h, -d, --data-binary).

Please anyone give solution for it. It's a bit urgent.

You should find everything you need here:

Ohhh man thanks! That was a very quick reply. Was searching for solutions from days. Again very very thanks.

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