How do you use business math calculations here?

Hi, so I have a group project where in we have to create an math app and so our app is a finance helper/calculator app. at this moment, I'm trying to figure how to calculate the discounted price using the blocks here but I really confused on how?

I appreciate your response thank you <3

The code should look something like this:
Discounted price = Original Price*(Discount in %/100)

When you know the original price and the discount percentage you can use the formula in the Procedure discountedPrice:

To make it work without issues provide error control to ensure the two textboxes contain values before doing the calculation to avoid an error.

The discountPercent is entered as a whole number and converted to a percentage by multiplying the number by 0.01 to represent a percentage.

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Thank you so much, you have helped me a lot <33

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