How do you use an external barcode scanner?

I bought a barcode scanner with hope to use with an app. However, I found no way to make use of it except to have my external scanner as a text input. This is inconvenience. Please help.

Make and model?

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My barcode scanner is Alacrity Upgraded 2D Industrial Barcode Scanner. I think any solution will be applicable to all models though. Thanks in advance :).

The AI2 Scanner component is no help here, even if you specify an external scanner program:


Component for scanning a QR code and getting back the resulting string.



Gets the text result of the previous scan.


Set whether or not you wish to use an External Scanning program such as Bar Code Scanner. If false a version of ZXing integrated into App Inventor will be used.



Indicates that the scanner has read a (text) result and provides the result



Begins a barcode scan, using the camera. When the scan is complete, the AfterScan event will be raised.

But I see in product ads that it has BlueTooth.

I also see complaints about the lack of tech support online.

If you already have invested in it, try connecting to it with a BlueTooth terminal program to see what it transmits and when.

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