How do you use a variable to chose different texts?

Dear community,

I've been thinking the way to get possible text from a variable, but I can not find the way to do it

I'll show some blocks to make the issue clearly


in this code a have a variable his name is contra

what I wan to achive is when we introduce the word in the password, this word travel by a TinyDB1 to another screen

actually the word travel but for this password there will be 5 options

so i would that when any of this 5 users write the word this word could travel to another screen.

but I do not how to make that with the global add the bloks in this variable to do this

by chace is there any body who knows how to do it ?

I try something like this

but is not working

Make a list of the different options, then test to see if the supplied option (your textbox value) is in the list

Learn about using lists:

General Tutorials

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THANKS @TIMAI2 , it already works like this

thanks I think so