How do you update specific cell from an spreadsheet with the selection from a spinner?

Dear commuty,

I use TIMA´s CRUD to update info for and spreadsheet,

and now I need to update an specific colum with a select option from a spinner.

let me show you the code.

Do you know how can I do it, I experiment with my logic but I do not get the way

Someone knows how can I do it ?

Sur I will find the way to compensate app inventor for all the help that the team has provide me :slightly_smiling_face:

I find the way to update the information , just is you know how to put the info in the specific colum the issue will be result

Look, again, at the CRUD tutorial/guide

Simple CRUD with Google Sheets and Apps Script (fixes Hay Kel flaws…)

Use the "update" function. You will need to update the whole row, but this handles your requirement.

Thanks, I am going to take a look, for this function I only change in spreadsheet the colum that I need to modfy to the fist colum, and I works, but for the next fonction I will definetly need to handle differents colum for updates.