How do you Uninstall Apps from a Database?

Hi! Ive found some really helpful info here, close to what I need, but not exactly what I am trying to accomplish. Hopefully I can get some more great advice from this community!

What I am trying to put together is a simple app that will uninstall apps from a custom database of known apps. I found some really useful information to do it one by one, but not in bulk for known bullsh!t apps.

What I am trying to build is a one button solution to uninstall identified speed boosters, cleaners, and battery apps that just overload peoples devices with ads. I can add the true app name ( to a Google Sheet or database for the app to locate, and remove, from a customer device, if it's currently installed.

I am a salesperson for an Indirect Verizon agent and I swear at least once a day I have an older customer with low end Android device that is getting hammered with ads and cleaner notifications from multiple different app installations that are just ruining the Android experience. Some of these apps seem to practice some shady tactics to get installs and I would love to be able to put together a simple solution to access a DB with known offenders and prompt for uninstalls instead of searching for these apps one by one for removal.

Thoughts or ideas on how to begin? Id love to throw something together with MIT app inventor if possible.

Normaly if you know how to uninstall one app, then you will know how to uninstall a batch, right?

So how do you uninstall an app? did it have an event like 'uninstall finished'? If yes, then you can uninstall them one by one.