How do you test an app in iPad?

I am creating apps in ipad using MIT App inventor website. I tried to test my app in same ipad using App inventor downloaded from App store. I entered the code shown by AI companion. But the app is not loading. Is it possible to test in the same ipad?

Create a new app with only 1 Button - no blocks - and try to connect with Companion on your iOS test device. Does it work? I think so.

If so, post the blocks (and the aia) that don't work.

Thank you for the response. I have tried that. I am able to test the app on other device using qr code scanning and entering the code. But i am not able to test the app on the same ipad which am doing the coding.

I would never think of creating an app on a mobile device (iPad).
My 32 inch screen is already too small for me. :wink:

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Yes, this is possible and I have often used this for demos. You need to have both Safari and the companion app open. I typically use the 3:1 split screen ratio for this. Use the Connect > AI Companion menu to get the 6 character code and then type the code into the companion app and click "connect with code." This will initiate the connection and load your project into the companion app.


Thank you. This is working :blush:

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