How do you take image through pro camera extension?

How to take image through pro camera extension

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Use the Initialize block and then the TakePicture block.

Wait till I make an AIA file for you.


ProCamera.aia (43.6 KB)

when i clicked on take picture the app suddenly crashed

  1. Have you set a writable Output file location ?
  2. Have you given camera permission?
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You need to give the camera permission before the initialize method.

Wait till I make the AIA.

I'm testing things now.

i need to set picture on image component

i have given the camera permission


from this i can not take images more than 1 time.
It shows error - "Attempt to invoke virtual method 'boolean$CompressFormat, int,' on a null object reference"

Drag in a clock component, and untick timerenabled in the designer

Change blocks to this:

now also it is showing that only

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Here you go :

ProCamera.aia (99.0 KB)

Fully Tested.
Only the Flash switch is not working.
Test this until I fix that.

can you tell how to set the image on an image component

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Try this

QuickProCamToImage.aia (35.0 KB)

Tested compiled and working on Android 12. Will ask for Camera permission on first run.

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Drag in an image component outside of VirtualScreen1 and set it's visible property to false, width to 100% or 98% or 96% or as you wish, height to automatic.

In the ProCamera1.SavedPhoto event, add the following blocks at the end :

  1. Set VirtualScreen1.Visible false
  2. Set Image1.Picture ProCamera1.Output
  3. Set Image1.Visible true

Now add a button to return to the Camera.

The Button1.OnClick event blocks should be :

  1. Set Image1.Visible false
  2. Set CameraContainer.Visible true

And you are done.

Also, pls use the following step : Don't forget to mark the Solution after getting it.

And at last, Enjoy...

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This won't save the Image to Gallery.


Do you want to save it to Gallery ?

not requested :wink:

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Added that feature for safety purposes though...

Also asked if it is requested.

Thank you so much TIMAI2 and Shubhamr69 for your help๐Ÿ˜Š . Now all thing is working fine๐Ÿ˜.

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