How do you take an specific text from a label and use it to input some data into google spreadsheets?

I'm making a calendar that you can press a button with a certain day of the month and you can submit data or text to a Google spreadsheet. when I press on a date, a label will show me "you selected 4/5/2024"

Now I want to be able to type in the teacher's name and the work given will be submitted to a google spreadsheet alongside the date for the work is for.

I want to be able to just input the work and teacher's name and the date itself will be automatically submitted depending on the date on the calendar is selected. Currently I'm able to display the year and month but not the day.

these are the blocks for the whole page

See here for how to automatically send data to google sheets using a form, from AppInventor:

I'm just left with the day tho, like I need to get the text from the buttons but I'm unable to

Follow the guide (it uses the web component, not the webviewer component)

Your addclick blocks are close...

I've changed it but errors stilll shows up and it wont work like. I followed the instructions but it doesn't mention about wanting to take a number from the button


This is expecting one component and you are passing the list of all the buttons:

You can store the button.text when the button is clicked, to be used here.

Or maybe you can store the button index when the button is clicked, to be able to select the item here.

how do i do that? do i have to declare another variable?

For example...

i tried doing this but it didn't work
it will just be empty

Is this the data you want to send?

If yes, then take that value in the variable.

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