How do you stop every player via one button?

Hi, in my project I have a lot of players, if player1 completed, player2 will start automatically and so on.
I want to make a button to stop the active player,but I don't know which player will be the active one when the user clicks stop. I thought about stopping all players by one click.
Can I do this without having to make a block to stop each player separately because my project has a lot of players?

Use "Any Component" blocks.


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You only need one player for this:

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Thank you @Ramon , It worked very good.

Thank you @Anke
It's very good idea

Note: The Player component (Android MediaPlayer) is very resource intensive. You can't use as many players as you want at the same time. The problem has been discussed in all relevant AI2 distro forums for years.

If you do not want to play Players simultaneously (at the same time), you only need 1 Player.


Thank you @Anke for the important information
I'll try to reform my project to use only one player

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