How do you sort list view items by dragging? (without jQuery)

I searched and got results, but I don't understand.

My question is that I have a list view. Inside it, there are some items. I want to drag and sort the list view according to my wish. Is this possible? If yes, how can I do that with the native list view and save it?

Requiring this for a scanner I am making

this is not possible I think.
There is a paid extension for drag and drop listview, but I can not open it any more.

Maybe try a easy way:
add 2 buttons, one for move up, one for move down.

Accepted. But how to do that? I don't understand what blocks to use.

I leave the moveDown to you.

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Looking at the code, encourages me to make the moveDown function. I can do it.

Thanks, that worked!

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