How do you set 1 physical pixel width for HorizontalArrangement?


I want to create divider in form of line between navigation panel and the rest of screen.
I need 1 pixel width for that.

Not using Canvas component because position of line is not determined. I use HorizontalArrangement for navigation panel with heigth 10%.

I create HorizontalArrangement and set background to grey and set height to 1 pixel

The problem is that on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S (1080х2400 pixels) the line is 2 physical pixel width.

I understand that in MIT AI pixel means display pixel

But how to set 1 physical pixel width for HorizontalArrangement on devices have high pixel density?

Why are you not setting the width to 1 pixel ?

Any difference if you use a Label with 1 pixel width ?

Because I use HorizontalArrangement. Thus height of arragement is width of graphical horizontal line