How do you separate a string by character and add each character to a list in order?

I have a string of 0s and 1s,

sort of like this: "0001000010111001010101" and I just want to separate each digit into a list, so each digit is an item in a list, in the exact order you see in the string.


You have pulled to correct block for this out already:


Set your string to this split block, with a blank text block. This will split the string to individual characters in a list.

Given the nature of the list content (repeating 1's and 0's) only use the for each number from 1 / to length of list block if you want to iterate over the list

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I know but how do I like create a process that does this, split the string, and then create a list.

What does the 'split' text block attach to?

What do you want to call the newly created list?

For example:


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Out of curiosity, what kind of algorithm are working on, and where did the 57 come from?

Nothing crazy. Im making an app for myself,

Basically its for a rubiks cube thing.

There are 57 unique patterns that are possible on the rubiks cube during a specific part of a step-by-step process to solve the cube, called OLL.

These 57 patterns all have their own set of moves to solve that step,

And so manually scrolling through the list of cases takes forever.

I wanna learn it faster, so i made this app to help me move things along.

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Sounds like fun!

Let us know how it works out!

I managed to complete it! There's a bug here and there but nothing that can't be fixed later on. It works for me, and I'll probably add more features to it as needed.

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