How do you see how many consecutive days you are active in the Community?

I am aming to get the

Badge and I want to know how many consecutive days I have been active in the community. Is that possible?

RR Media

Hello, I think someone having admin privilege, can provide info regarding your consecutive visit. I found something from google, might help to you, here it is


Thanks @RamNaresh
SO only admins know this information?
Can someone like @TIMAI2 help with this please?

I'm not sure, but you can see how many days you visited, not how many consecutive days.

How is that possible? :thinking:

See your profile

I see that you have created more than one topic asking about badges and how to get them. Will it make any difference if you get a specific badge or not ? In my opinion community is for reading, learning, offering help to other members if you can and not about getting badges.


Moderators cannot see this information either. The consecutive days is a badge thing, buried deep inside Discourse. The best you can do is look at your summary which shows the number of days visited in total. ( Click on your icon top right, then click on your username, and select Summary from the drop down)

Sorry yes I know. I'll keep off it @dora_paz

Thanks @TIMAI2

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