How do you see code in blocks in app? like on

how to see code in blocks in app? like on

You can try the App Inventor Java Bridge, which converts your blocks to Java code, although it runs an outdated version of App Inventor and lacks some functionality. I'm not entirely sure about its effectiveness.
You cannot (re-)import Java files into it, however.

blocks IS the code in App Inventor.
And why you want code in text?

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Hello Vladis

I think what you mean is, you would like to view the Designer Workspace and the Blocks Workspace side-by-side?

That very layout was proposed in the past, but currently there is a huge amount of work going on, amalgamating Kodular into App Inventor so there could be a different solution for an enhanced GUI or no change at all. :thinking:

However, The Screen Attributes Pallet could undergo a welcome change via the Google Summer of Code 2023, including a Blocks update that sees more attributes in Blocks for major components.