How do you save images to cache?

Can any one help me for saving the images into catche. So that I can load those it faster for next time.

Perhaps this extension will help?

This is only for audio and video files.
For images there are few extensions as well.



Given that all the memory of an Android phone is solid state, is a cache really going to make a difference?

Caching images helps in using them even when user is offline for some time so it doesn't ruin the workflow of app or user experience. Image loading libraries also provide some fancy image transformation options along with more control over the image you are loading which Image component lacks.

I don't see how any of that is an improved by defining a Cache on an Android Smartphone. If you were writing a Windows program for PCs/Laptops that use hard drives, then there is value in a memory Cache of course.

Cache files are used to access data faster than loading it as new. I agree that they make less sense on latest Android versions having more than enough processing power but for older versions it is still recommend to cache files to give processor a little relief the next time you wish to use to the data. It is like fetching data from firebase and storing that in TinyDB to access it even being offline.

That's absolutely true, if you are downloading images, storing them on the phone instead is certainly advantageous. It's an abuse of the term with regards to Smartphones, because Caching is about improving the loading speed of data already stored on the device.