How do you save a clicker type app?

I have a clicker-type app and want to know how my app users can save their data without it reseting

You can use TinyDB for that. I wants made a small project for a clicker game.

CodiClicker.aia (141.2 KB)

Can you show how your project looks and your blocks?

Screenshot 2022-10-11 11.27.17 AM
Screenshot 2022-10-11 11.27.31 AM
Screenshot 2022-10-11 11.27.36 AM

looking at your app helped i think thanks

the screen remains the same but here is the new coding
Screenshot 2022-10-11 1.59.06 PM
this is it shrunken ^
Screenshot 2022-10-11 1.17.06 PM
these are the save files ^

Screenshot 2022-10-11 1.54.18 PM

those are the button codes
and thnx for helping me

lots of your blocks look same to others.
Pls try to use procedure or Any component.
Do Not Repeat Yourself.

its because i have a lot of blocks that do the same thing so just no