How do you safeguard user privacy?

Good day everyone, please: is it possible to guarantee to the user who downloads my app from my site, that his data, including the IP address, of his mobile phone will not be detected?

What are you doing about their data/IP at the moment to ensure it is not disclosed to others?

Do you have a privacy policy? If not, have a look at other people's privacy policies on the Play Store (all apps will have one, Google insists), this will provide you with a guide on what you need to protect.

I try to explain better:

  1. I have the app on my site (it's just an example>)
  2. the user will have to download it by going to the page and clicking on the link
  3. but when he downloads it, on his mobile phone, I think the browser will record both the input, the page, the location and its IP.

I do not want this data, the user must be free to download the app, in peace without my being able to somehow know the data described, in short, no data that somehow makes me trace back to him or his mobile phone, how can I do?

Put your apk on google drive, as far as I know, none of this information is recorded.

Maybe you are right, but to download you have to send your Email, and even if a fantasy Email, with a fantasy name, when you enter the google to sign up, your data will already be registered unless you use a proxi or a browser, of those that pass different backbones to view the page, but even so you will never be sure, and even if the user did.

I'm sorry I thought I was reading google play, while you were talking about goolge drive. heck if that were the case, you gave me a million dollar tip, if I do it, I'll think of you.

But are you sure?

It seems to me that this is not the case, indeed Google even inserts a photo of you if it is present on your profile and you have downloaded a file from my drive. You see all this in the tab shared with me, but I could also be wrong and maybe those refer to profiles that made me download some files and not to those who downloaded it from me.
But if I'm not sure I won't even be able to declare it on the site.

The only one who can know is Google and I would like to ask them, but there is no link on the page to communicate with them.

Try not being signed in to google (your apk would need to be viewable by all)

You can create a direct download link like this:

Google may check you want to download if it cannot scan for viruses, or if file over 25mb(?)

If you really are sure, I think thanking you is too little.

But how do I get that link, where do I get it how I relate it, I don't understand. What should I do in detail?

You have to construct it. You get the file ID by Get Link

As already written I have to be 100% sure, because who will evaluate my app. you will want proof as I will present it to you.

How will I be able to prove that what I am saying is true? If I'm wrong they will be really big problems.

You might want to read this:

I will return you to where you started. If your own website is recording such information, then if you have a privacy policy, it tells users how you will handle their data.

I am going to read it in the meantime excuse me if I repeat myself.

But is this what you do every time you have to share a file?
Load the app, right click on the app and ask to share it only with whoever has the link.
If this operation is really safe and does not keep any track of who is downloading in any way, I repeat: how will I prove it?

The simple answer is no. No one, not even Google can guarantee that.

Some people believe Google Drive entails some risks,with%20the%20use%20of%20VPNs.

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And that applies to every other file sharing/storage service on the internet/planet.

Thanks, TIMAI2 again for your time and patience, now I understand.