How do you run blocks on screen start?

Hi! I am seeking advice on how to run blocks on screen start. There appears to be no event block for this. Is there a method to do this?

Screen.Initialize event block.

Where is the Screen.Initialize block?

Third block down under Screen1 or whatever screen you are in.

I clicked "New_File", but no blocks appear.

What have you done with Screen1. You should not be able to change its name / remove it ?

I created a new screen:
Maybe I can only find the screen.Internalize block in Screen 1

Set your BlocksToolkit to Expert

I had it on custom, I don't want to change it.
Unless you can give where it is in the Toolkit:

You can change blocks and items using the Toolkit.
To open it, set "BlocksToolkit" to "Custom"
I will try finding it while waiting for a reply.

Edit: I Can't find it. @TIMAI2 @ABG Do any of you know where it is in the Toolkit?

I guess I'll have to. It's pretty much the only way.
Sorry for the long post. I kept editing it :blush:.

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