How do you retrieve source code from an apk that was created in Ai App inventor?


Hope all is well.

I was wondering if it would be possible to get the source code of an .apk file that was created in Ai app inventor. The projects .aia was removed/deleted and i need to recover it somehow. Any ideas how to achieve this if it is even possible?


It's technically possible but not really feasible, especially if you used extensions in the app.

Thanks for the quick response. Yes there are extension and i know what they would do/how they work as i have recreated the app somewhat however there are a couple of things in the original app that i would like to add that i cannot figure out. So in order for me to save on time if have asked the question.

Is there any difference between the app made by App Inventor and by Android Studio?

Not sure what you mean?

I mean, if there is no defference between the app make by App Inventor and by Android Studio or any other tools, and if we can convert apk to aia, then we can convent any apk to aia, like Twetter, Facebook.

If source means aia/blocks then no.
However, you can get java code from apk but it would be almost impossible to replicate in AI2 unless you have mediocre knowledge of java as well as android studio.

Hi vknow360, thanks. I have read that you could do it your way however i wanted something a bit more quicker haha. I do have some knowledge of java as well as android studio. Thanks I'll go that route if there is no other way.

No one in this thread has mentioned the AI2 Trash folder, which hopefully catches deleted projects.

Did you look there?

Hi ABG. Yah i have checked there however, it not there