How do you retain data in List table using TinyDB?

The Save Works but when I change screen then go back the data were lost. This is the blocks.

Thank you in advance.

You are mixing up your tags to call back.

The tag Scan will only contain the names of the people you save. Their data is stored in the tags of their individual names.

Thank you for the response sir TIMAI2
then do you suggest that I remove globalnamelist.
also what possible block can you do for my List in order to retain the data.

Try like this (you need a method to view your names data)

Yes this works Thank you sir.
yes the data retains but it does not show in the list is there a way to refresh it... and a way to delete the data. thank you.

I find the solution for this
list.elements to get global namelist in the initialize screen. hehe.
by the way how can i delete specific file.

In my example I just used a label to display the data behind the person, you can choose how you display it and refresh it.

If you want to delete a name and their data (after selecting them from the listview) try this:


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Woah!!! a Big help thanks sir TIMAI2... Till next queries. hehe

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