How do you restrict the offensive images in imagebot activtiy

I have implemented code for imagebot. but i need to restrict the offensive images. how to do it. i store all the offensive words in one csv file.
If the user can search for image with an offensive words i need to notify the warning.


It seems a good idea to restrict certain images... What problem do you have with the project?

yes i do with the program can you help to solve

Can you show your relevant blocks? and explain which part you have problems with?

this is my UI page for imagebot

i want to restrict the offensive images how to do and i have csv file with few offensive words

Nice, but which is your problem? loading the file? comparing the input text with the list of forbidden words? calling to imageBot?

Mod edit offensive words list blocks removed!

these are the relevant blocks. i have manually type the words and doing it. now i need to store all the words in csv file. then how to do the program?

Nice, good job. An example:

upload the file to your project's media (cvs, in my example with one row), read it when initiating, use a block list from cvs row to get a list, and then walk through the list to check if any prohibited words are found in the input text.

It would be easy....but then you don't learn only have to check my example, try to understand how it works (If you have any questions, ask and I will help you) and modify your project yourself.

You can start by creating the csv file, loading it into the application and reading it.

Okay thank you man..

I have tried many times can you check this once i am not getting output.
Imagebot (2).aia (540.6 KB)

i have to submit this task my manager can you help with the code.

It is giving an error when I use your specific ApiKey....

If I remove the particular ApiKey then I get the Usage Over Quota error....

If the quota is exceeded, I think you have to wait until the MIT usage algorithm allows you access again.

Then how can i get this ? any solution?

do one thing create a new one in your system then send me the file.

No, I'm afraid that's not going to happen.


then how to solve this ?

I have told you before, with your own account, or waiting for MIT to allow you a new quota

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can you correct me with this blocks. my DALL-E is getting error