How do you refresh one screen with multiple virtual screens?

So to be clear, I only have one screen for my app and used a Horizontal and Vertical Arrangement and just set it visible if its content is needed.
Whenever I click something on that HorizontalArrangement1 and I open HorizontalArrangement2 (for example), when I go back to that HorizontalArrangement1, what I clicked on that HorizontalArrangement1 is still there or still picked, if you know what I mean, can't find solution for that prob, though I might consider switching to one screen to another screen but as much as possible I want to have only one screen, can someone help me? Thanks in advance.

What about reseting HA fields to its original values

When there are more components arranged in Arrangement, you can get benifit of haivng "any component" to iterate through the list of components.

Great decision!


You've helped me a lot. Thank you.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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