How do you read ssid and wifi network password?

The function was to be used to automatically configure the ESP32 module so that the module can use the same wifi network as the phone. After that, it would be useful to know in the application whether the wifi network is 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

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Check out this extension from @Taifun:
Wifi extension

I've seen this expansion. Unfortunately, I don't see any password return method there. Unless the password will be saved with the SSID? Unless Taifun would like to add a method that I could sponsor.

see the answers here

why this would only be possible with rooted devices

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I wish to make an app to do what iphone can do backup the wifi ssid and password aswell to be stored on local storage for them to backup as a text file for importing at a later time when changing phones etc, how can i do this please? can you provide an example of the code that already does this if exists? please help.

it does not look like you read my previous answer?