How do you Read or Edit multiple sheet data for one sheet by mit?

Hi every one, I have face one new problem please help anyone.
I already create a apps use google sheet for read, edit and delete data. I used deferent 4 sheet for 4 group.
I used sheet link & convert export ? format = csv then I paste wed components link, please see the image1.
Its possible to if i use one master sheet for 4 group. Like as image2.
Sheet 1=group 1
Sheet 2=group 2
Sheet 3=group 3
Sheet 4=group 4
But how to do edit sheet script and web link?
Sheet 1 to sheet 4 Script part is same.
And sheet1 to sheet 4 web link same

Its possible to show multi sheet data in a apps. I have create one master sheet use 4 sheet, sheet1, sheet2, sheet3 & sheet4 I want to show all sheet data. How is possible?

You do not show your blocks, but I am guessing you set a parameter called SH to SH in your GET or POST. e.g. &SH=SH.

Change this to &SH=ATC or &SH=PCC to access a different sheet.

I see you have also asked on Kodular. To save wasting peoples time, either finish this topic, or close the Kodular one (or we can/will close this one)

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1st I wish you well. May God always keep you well. Maybe I can't understand you properly. A big reason for this is my poor English skills. But keep in mind that I spend a lot of time creating apps. My head teacher is YouTube and my second teacher is MIT Community. I have successfully created many apps especially in collaboration with TIMAI2.
I am facing many obstacles to create this app. So I'm bothering you again and again. Please don't mind. Your cooperation is my only source of encouragement.

add this to your url:



You can also use this query format:{sheet_Id}/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&sheet={sheet_name}
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You may also want to look here for the gviz method of querying data from a google sheet:

images - 2021-07-29T003601.461__01__01
Thank you so much for helping me sincerely

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