How do you read mp3 from sd card in mobile phone and play it?

Hi everyone, I am a beginner in app inventor2. I am Chinese, so my English is not very good. I used google to help translate it, if the translation is not good, please include it.

I checked your examples and related books, but I still can't get the app invnteor2 to read the mp3 in the sd and play it smoothly.
Below is the path inside the phone, and the coding trick I'm trying to read.
Please answer me where is the problem, thank you.


pic2-3:how to write

file:///mnt/sdcard is not the correct path to your external removable sdcard...

Use the file extension and its method AvailableStorageDirectories to get the correct path ...


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All these paths points to the root directory of the external storage:


See also here:

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