How do you read Google Sheets and create a dropdown menu?

您們好,我是一名國小學生,我現在正在參加一個比賽,是關於app inventor的比賽
我的問題是:我們要設計提供車位與需要車位的的配對程式,我們已經設計了提供車位和需要車位的配對方式的下拉式選單。當使用者輸入資料後,可以傳送到google sheets,(如下圖)
Hello everyone, I am a primary school student. I am currently participating in a competition, which is about app inventor.
My question is: We need to design a matching program to provide parking spaces and those who need parking spaces. We have already designed a matching method to provide parking spaces and those who need offer a ride drop-down menu. After the user inputs the data, it can be sent to Google Sheets (as shown below)

現在我可以讀出所有提供座位的google sheet表單,但不知道怎麼寫成下拉式選單的程式,而且還要把選中的欄位輸入到新的google sheet的表單,想請問各路的寫程式的高手能不能幫幫我?
I can now read all the Google Sheet forms that provide seats, but I don’t know how to write a program that turns it into a dropdown menu, and I also need to input the selected field into a new Google Sheet form. Can any programming expert help me?

Given that the AI2 board can't translate programs or screen grabs, the best I can do for you is to offer our Google Sheets FAQ and a doc on a very similar problem based on a now obsolete platform. (Use rides or parking instead of Pizza slices and Sheets instead of Fusion Tables)