How do you read from a txt file?

Hello, please help me with this question.
Read a number from a text file from sdcard if it exists
come to me by name.
Example: txt file
If there is a number, give me the name.

something like this?


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Hello Thank You For Help :heart_eyes:
There is a problem when reading, I cannot receive the result, the following problem appears.

Thank you very much for everything and I ask you how to solve it. Thank you again

In the File1.GotText event, don't be in a hurry to send the incoming data through a 'list from csv table' block.

First, drop the incoming data into another global variable, RawText, so you can examine its contents later with Do It, or drop it into a Label where you (and we) can see how it fails to be csv formatted.

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I want to solve this problem
I own a Samsung Note 9
I own a Huawei
Samsung is reading the file
The Huawei does not want to open the file, how can this problem be solved?
On all Android devices...

On Android 11+ you cannot access the folder /ADAM/.
The text file must be in one of the Shared folder

  • /Documents or
  • /Download

and must have been created by the app itself.
Otherwise you need SAF to access it.

See also here:
Some basics on Android storage system

How can I and what is SAF

Search the forum.

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For private use see also How to request and grant MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission