How do you Protect Assets from copying?

when we just debug apk from Android Studio, our Json file is visible.
so anyone can copy paste the contents and use it on their own, For example, I use GoogleSheets Json, which can be very easily copied and used by other peoples as all the information is available in json,

Similarly Firebase json also same issue

Maybe you could put your json file inside an obfuscate textbox and use it from there. I never tested that with Google Sheets.

i understood that i can put the file name, but Json is in assets folder, which can be easily copyable

Can you not copy the content in the obfuscate block and use that?

can't understood

Don't place the json in the Assets perhaps. Instead, include the json hardcoded as a Text file.

One way to do hardcode 'assets' is shown in

using a Text block and drag and drop. Use the Obfuscated Text Block.

I believe the OP is using the google sheets component server, the json file needs to be in the assets, according to the instructions.

No such issues when using google apps script....:wink:

Yes, I know and other community members also suggest AppsScript, but with the free API method, read and write speed is 1-1.5 seconds, but with AppsScript it's 3+ seconds

Then it is speed vs security, with speed winning :slight_smile:

No it's security, because, anyone can use my API with that method, Thanks for assistance :100:

The google sheets component provides this block:


So you can leave the designer entry set to none, then download/fetch your credentials file from elsewhere, store in ASD or private directory and use it from there.

Do this before trying to access your google sheets using the component.

Same applies for the SpreadsheetID as well.

Wow, best idea, will use the download link in Obfuscated block and then set the CredentialsJson using blocks. :100:

Make sure you download all your aia projects on the test server to your computer for safe keeping

But we can't import the AIA files into latest AI2 as it says "cannot find GoogleSheets Component". Finally the team should keep the test server running until "Google Sheets" component is added to the stable AI2.

Do it, regardless :wink:

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