How do you properly resize components on Orientation change?

I have a button in a Horizontal Arrangement.
It's width is defined as a percentage of it 's parent (that is of the Horizontal Arrangement).

I have this code in the Orientation changed event:


But it does not resize correctly.
I suppose that this is because, when the code is executed, the Horizontal Arrangement has not yet been resized (ot the button 's width hasn't yet changed).
Is there some solution to this?
Inventory_1_7_test_1.aia (6.7 KB)

Use a clock timer after orientation changes. ai2 needs a little bit of time to catch up with new screen sizes.

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Try this one (without a Clock component):
Inventory_1_7_test_2.aia (8.2 KB)

and customize it to your liking.


It looks like working!


Inventory_1_7_test_3.aia (7.2 KB)

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