How do you prevent the username and password from being saved in the app?

When I register to log in, emails from saved users already appear

And after logging in as a new user, it asks me if I want to save my username and password.

Are you using a Webviewer?


Maybe the use of these two blocks can help ?


Also ensure the user signs out of the website, and that the webviewer page is completely refreshed

sorry I didn't explain myself well
I am using a text field for the user's email and the web


When I start I delete cookies and I still have this problem

I can't find any other way to clear caches

blocks (5)

you might want to try this


I would like to see an example in AIA

I can't find the extension either

it seems to be paid

Where could I put these blocks?

when starting screen

or by clicking the login button

Place them before you run the Go To Url block.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I am not using VisorWeb1

I only use Web1

and in a text field these emails from users who logged into Google on the mobile device are accumulated.

this is the text field

Where exactly are these usernames (emails) and passwords being accumulated on the app?

the tools extension is a free extension

find the Download section and download the extension from there


there is what I mention

This looks like a feature of the device/phone, e.g. autocomplete, rather than anything to do with the app?

I have not seen this behaviour when completing AI2 textboxes on any of my apps on any of my devices.

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You are very right, it must be the mobile device, this only happens to me on a ZTE

I installed the app on another SAMSUNG GALAXY mobile and the emails from Google users stopped appearing

apologies for the inconvenience

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