How do you pop up a message if there is no space on device?

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I have an application which download mp3 file sound from Google drive by using direct link ( API KEY ) but the problem is that if the device is full storage, it doesn't pop up any message to alert user that there is no space on device. Is there any way?

Your App would need to verify available memory before downloading.

Thank you ChrisWard

Now I understood the idea. But I need the way how much the size of the mp3 sound file which will be downloaded in order to compare if can be downloaded or no.

If you know the size of mp3 files, you can have a file with the name and size listed, and download that file before the mp3.



my_song1.mp3, 3MB
my_song2.mp3, 3.5MB
my_song3.mp3, 2.4MB

I can not find Memory Size Extension by Andres Daniel

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Which component (method) or extension do you use to download?

I use this componen

t :

How can I know how much size of the downloaded file? I mean inside the advice storage?

With this @Taifun extension you can find the Length of the file.

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