How do you place the text

I currently am unsure what to do when I click the button to place the text entered in the notifier somewhere on the canvas.

I already have .Initialize, variable, and .AfterTextInput blocks completed,

Use one of the Notifier event blocks to catch the text into a variable.

Look in the Canvas blocks for the block that writes text to the Canvas.

ok and what would I put in the " when xxxx .Click" block. The button block basically?

So that when I click the button that I already have (it is currently not functional), it displays the text I entered in the notifier randomly on the canvas.

You have the DrawText block.

Move it into the Button.Click event.

Look in the math blocks for random number blocks.
You want to get x between 1 and Canvas1.Width,.
y between 1 and Canvas1.Height.

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Thank u so much.. it worked!

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