How do you open chrome in incognito/private mod?

Hi, i'm using the ActivityStarter component to open the browser (chrome), but i want to open it with the incognito mode (the action of the ActivityStarter is set to android.intent.action.VIEW). in the help page there's no indication about the incognito mode. can someone help me please?

I don't know how to open chrome in incognito mode, but I know there is an extension you might be interested in if you need to open your website in an external browser. DeepHost has made a Chrome Custom Tabs extension that opens the page in a chrome-based browser. Something similar to the Facebook browser. But unfortunately, this extension developer doesn't have topics with their extensions in the forums, therefore, there is zero support from him. It only has an app with extensions and a YT channel.

ok... can you link this extension please? or just tell me the extension name


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Chrome CustomTabs Extension - developer DeepHost.

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Be careful when using extensions from DeepHost. He doesn't support them. So if something goes wrong he will not fix it.

This page informs that it is possible only from inside the browser. It is not possible to call an incognito window from outside.

thank you, but i don't know java and i don't know how to use it on MIT app inventor, can you tell me how to use this code?

Exactly. Therefore, it would be good if some developer created such an extension. A very interesting option for opening external links.

Thank you @Patryk_F , that was the whole point of posting the link :wink:

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