How do you obtain the heart beat of a fitness watch like Samsung


I was thinking about working on a school project where the app sounds an alarm (or sends messages) when the wearer does not move. This was easy to realize.

But I would like to include a function that this happens as well wenn the heartbeat is unusually low. Can anybody help me how I could obtain the heartbeat variable from something like a Samsung watch?

Regards, Carmen

Currently I don’t believe there’s a way to get Heart Rate from a Bluetooth Device.

I created an Extension for use with an internal Heart Rate Sensor but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with it and very few devices have an internal sensor, so I didn’t release it.

If you’re interested in trying it PM me.

You can find more info about it here:

Dear bmw
since I'm working on a similar project, could you please tell me if you have solved the problem and finally did you access the Samsung fitness watch internal sensors data? I have already managed (through AppInventor2) to connect to the device with my own application and to communicate through BLE and UUIDs. However I cant find the suitable UUIDs in order to access the raw data of Heart Rate Measurement, Pedometer, GPS e.t.c.