How do you move shapes anywhere on the canvas?

Hi everyone

This is the first time I am using MIT app inventor. I was able to draw basic shapes like circle, line and square. However, I need to freely move them anywhere on the canvas. I couldn't find a way to accomplish this task. I need your kind help in finding a coding block to complete this process.

Thank you

Moving on the canvas is just drawing anew while dragging your finger, but with changed coordinates.

Welcome Amr.

Here is a simple way using a circle as an example. Touch the Canvas Screen where you want to move the center of the circle. You can do similar things with a square and line :astonished:

using Canvas Methods for shapes as indicated in the documentation for Canvas Drawing and Animation

You can do something using code by substituting the x and y of the center with values and a Button and two TextBlocks to enter the coordinates.

Thank you so much

Thanks a lot for the valuable information