How do you message on GBWhatsApp?

I want to connect or massage on gb Whatsapp. Anyone have solution?

You could use the Sharing component.

Check this: Social
(link taken from App Inventor Docs)

What do you mean by GB? Size of files that need to be sent in Whatsapp?

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I think OP is concerned about GBWhatsApp, from Google Search.

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Here is an extension that could help you: [F/OS] my Sharex extension V:3.0 - Extensions - Kodular Community. This allows you to send a file or message, however it requires user confirmation. I have not tested this, does it work for you?

Have you tried this?

AIA: GbWhatsappSharing.aia (8.5 KB)

Gordon_Lu, Thank for sharing let me try. now i check but not work

Same as send massage on gb Whatsapp

That block is not for GBWhatsApp.

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Did you try my AIA? It should work with an extension.

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AyProductions, correct can you share GBwhatsApp block or extension

Please see post #4 by @Gordon_Lu

There is a lot of gbwhatsapp could you show us which one do u use


GBwhatsapp Pro 15 and 17

is there anyurl or what so we can figure it out

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No no it's a application version pro 15

We need to download the app GBwhatsapp. could you share the link to download the app

Is there a method? Probably not. GBWhatsapp is not used by many users. If the SendMessage approach did not work for you (you said it in PM), then the others wouldn't. GBWhatsapp operates different from Whatsapp, so their operations would most likely be different.

Again thanks all of you for guidance :slightly_smiling_face: