How do you make MIN work with global values?

So I need to use MIN with global values but it doesn't work, is there any way to fix this or a workaround?

What are the values of your variables ?

At the beginning 0 but they grow later.

I suggest you test the MIN block with numbers in isolation, this will confirm that it works the way you want it. There is no reason why variables (containing numbers) instead of just numbers will not work as well.

Edit: This wasn't the problem:
Just switch 0 with 1, cuz min cant work with 0 as it detects it as ""
Edit 2:
Nope this also didn't fix it:
By mistake I left tinyDB with "" if value not the when screen initializes, so it changed from 0 to "".
Edit 3: Actually it did fix it, i just had to clear app data, so it refreshes the tinyDB

I don't understand what you are talking.
Please elaborate your self..
Better to post a photo of the block with "do it"

i just had to clear app data, so it refreshes tinyDB

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It was just a Tinydb blank default feeding the min block.

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