How do you make message app to talk with certain person only?

Hello, I want to make and app where people can choose a doctor and consult with them privately with message. I've made the page for the user. They can choose the doctors from the dropdown menu / spinner (currently there are 3 options)

But I'm not sure how to make the page for the doctors. Should I make 3 separate pages for each doctor and set the screen to non visible?

Thank you

You can have,


To list name of Doctors to be selected from. And, you can have arangement whare you could have arranged Doctors image along with detail, image would be clickable and once a Doctor is choosen by user you can proceed with your next logic to consult to a Doctor.

Is this a real situation or homework. What you do depends on how secure this chat must be. You won't need separate 'pages' if you use separate chat rooms'. Be aware, the Doctors and each patient MUST have a copy of the app if you use a CloudDB solution.

One solution to chatting with one Doctor might be to use separate chat room for each patient and/or doctor. For security, the Doctor or patient can clear the chat when it is over.