How do you make guest login in app?

When people do not want to make account then there is a option continue as a guest and this option is available in almost every games but I want to make this feature in my app , I don't know how to make a guest login system with normal login , help

What is your current login workflow for your app?

How does this integrate with your online html games?

I am using one time direct login method

I am not au fait with a "one time direct login", perhaps you can enlighten me (show relevant blocks or fraework code)

it means that user can make only one time account after that their data will be saved and if they again login then through their device id the system will detect their login info and if they hadn't login before then they can make account and if they had make already account then it will automatically login then

Can you tell me how I can use guest login system :slightly_smiling_face:

If you know how to implement register/login system, then just let the guest bypass this system...
Like you can add one user called 'guest' with password 123455, then when user want to login as guest, just set his/her name as 'guest'.

For guest account you need to set some sample account details that are you collecting from user on one time login.

So if you are collecting user name, email and password then for guest you need to set guest user id, sample email and password.

User can use this details to login as guest.