How do you make calendar with time included?

I have been wanting to create an app where I can add a calendar which includes time in it. There we can select a time through that calendar. If you've used teams , so this is kind of it but has slight difference with functionalities and all. I have been getting problem on how to use calendar which includes time in it since I've started this project. So please help me in this!

Please show an example of what you are trying to achieve

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Just see this link please! If you're getting me so please help..
I want this kind of layout but the change is that instead of height there the time will be presented and there if i'll click on either of the time there I'll be able to move onto another screen. Please help me if you're trying to get the issue I'm facing!

It appears you want a day scheduler. All 24 hours ?

Why move to another screen?

Yeah! that's what i wanted to say. And i wanna move to another screen cause if the user wanna change the start time and end time so the user can do it over there!

Herewith an example using @Kevinkun 's CompCreator extension to generate a Day Schedule. The click listener is set to a notifier simply to demonstrate the ability to carry out an action on click.

daySchedule.aia (35.3 KB)

The schedule is scrollable, to see all other hours

Thank you, I'll try it once!