How do you make an AI2 app to a PC app?

I'm trying to make my app to run on a PC. I know that it is possible by an emulator, but I want the emulator run only my app and closes itself when my app closes.

And I want to remove the window border of the emulator where the window controls like Maximize, Minimize, Close buttons are located. I can try programming my own emulator to suit my needs, but unfortunately I'm not smart enough to do that.

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Obviously, you can't expect some kind of amazing 3D PC game from a 12 year old, right?

Any solutions will be appreciated, thanks.

You probably need to rewrite the app from scratch with a traditional programming language like Java and a GUI framework such as JavaFx...

I have never heard any app that could do what you want...

I believe there was nother topic that talked about something similar:

Thats what ChatGPT told me when I asked the same question.

Well it did tell me that BlueStacks can work like that except it has window border controls.

Well nobody knows a solution other than to rewrite the app from scratch so....:person_shrugging:

The end user has to install BlueStacks for that before they can use your app, plus not all computers (Especially mine; I use an 11y/o laptop that already runs like....garbage, even I am using that right now to write this post; it was quite powerful for its time though) can run BlueStacks well...

You might not always get the app right in the final port...

I don't know how to do that either but this is what I want exactly.


Plus I don't think some people would want to use an emulator...[like me; I hate emulators]
Let's see what others have to say...

If there is any emulator that can do what you want, please let us know, as that will be a great resource!

I could be I apologize beforehand.


You can't run App Inventor apk's on a PC natively (without an emulator). If you have Win11, supposedly you can run the apk directly

You want a miracle? Delphi Community Edition is a free, limited commercial-use compiler that allows you to develop Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS applications with a single codebase. Perhaps that is what you expect. You cannot do that with App Inventor made apps other than refactoring your app using a compiler designed to run exe files.

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MS removed that feature in a new update...which is the whole reason I downgraded to Windows 10 at one point...

There is no compiler to do that right now...:grin:

I will make some tutorials on how to port simple apps made with AI2 to PC...

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