How do you make a Trip Event handler?

How to make an application that allows the user to take photos and add details corresponding to the image. The photo should be taken using the Camera component and subsequently stored in a variable. The user can then speak into the app a caption associated with the image. Once the user confirms the message recorded and the photo, we need to store them in a TinyDB as a tag-value pair.

Do you want to convert the recorded speech to text or keep it as an audio file?

You cannot store image or audio files in the tinydb, you can store file paths to those files.

Why only tinydb, is the app intended only for the user to view and replay their trip events?

I wanted to keep it as an audio file. Yeah, it's only dor the user to view and replay their trip events.

OK. You need:

  • camera component
  • sound recorder component
  • tinydb component
  • possibly image resizer extension (to reduce storage)

then put it all together with components from the Palette (buttons/labels/textboxes/arrangements/....)

For simplicity, use the ASD as a storage location.